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Merry Christmas

Every year on December 25, is the day that Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, known as Christmas.

During the festival, Christians around the world are held a grand memorial ceremony. Christmas is originally a Christian festival, because people pay special attention to it. It has become a national holiday, the country's biggest festival in a year, similar to the Chinese Spring Festival.

Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve, that night, the family will gather in the living room, around the Christmas tree to sing Christmas songs, exchange gifts, share the joys and sorrows of life, express the heart of blessing and love. In the evening will see a group of lovely little boys or girls, holding a poem to talk about guitar, singing poetry a good news.

Christmas is an exciting time to look forward to, especially for children. Once there was an old man Nicholas who loved to help poor people all his life. On one occasion he helped three poor young girls by giving them three bags of gold to escape being sold. When Nicholas secretly gave one of the bags of gold to one of the young girls, he dropped the gold through one of the windows and it fell into a stocking hanging on the wall. So the gift giving method of putting presents in Christmas socks has been handed down to this day.

On this important holiday, share the most precious gifts with the people you want to give them in the most exquisite packaging. I will send my best wishes to everyone from Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!



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