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Free Sample


Our standard sample kit is free to new customers. The kit contains a variety of paper tube packaging and enclosure styles to provide you with a small representation of our custom packaging design and manufacturing capabilities and options.  Your sample kit will include a detailed description sheet to review the samples and options available through Kager Packaging Solutions.

There is a flat rate of $30.00 (US) to cover the shipping .This can be paid by providing your UPS® or FedEx® account number, or via a PayPal® invoice. The rate varies in other areas of the United States, and for international shipping. An invoice for shipping/freight can be sent via Paypal®. Or, you can provide your UPS® or FedEx® account information.

All shipping and handling costs for sample kits are non-refundable.


In addition to requesting a sample kit, you may also request a custom sample. A custom sample is a manufactured prototype of your new labeled* or unlabeled custom packaging. Upon receiving the sample, you will be able to review the layout of the package and the artwork design. If necessary, any changes can be made prior to full production. There is a nominal fee associated with ordering a custom sample. However, we have found it to be an invaluable resource in confirming that all of your technical specifications have been met. One of our account managers will be able to provide more information about the fee.

We strongly recommend that all new customers invest in a custom sample to proof their new orders. In some cases, customers already have the necessary technical requirements for their packaging. The custom sample process is still highly encouraged, as production methods vary slightly by manufacturer.


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