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Kager Packaging Solution specialized in plastic bottle for 10 years. It including Tianjin Kager Plastic Products Co., LTD and Tianjin BKS Packaging Sales Co., Ltd. We have 100000 level and dust-free purification workshop. We specialized in producing plastic bottles using PET, HDPE, PVC and PP pure raw materials; Primarily services the Food and Beverage , Healthcare & Pharmaceutical , Personal Care,Automobile Chemical markets.

Our purpose: customer first, quality first, constant innovation. Actively develop business, open up the international   and domestic markets, better service to the customers. Welcome new and old customers taking time for visiting our  company and build good business relationship.


Contact: Keey Bo

Phone: +8613241200000

Tel: +8622 6099 2323

Email: keeybo@kager.cn

Add: Dongzhai Industrial Park,Dakoutun Town, Baodi District, Tianjin301801,China

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